Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kj turned 6!

I can't believe that my oldest child is already six years old!  I look at her and wonder, "How did she get that tall?"  We just had our first parent-teacher conference tonight, and her kind teacher gave her glowing reports.  Kj excels in math and she and her other little kindergarten pal are leading the first-grade accelerated class, apparently.  We're so proud!  School is teaching Kj to loosen up and be more adaptable to changing situations, something she struggles with.  She is making connections with students and teachers all around her.  Her teacher also says that Kj is a complex thinker.  It's so fun to hear what other people observe about my children.

One of Kj's favorite past times is coloring.  Her pictures are becoming more detailed, and it is not uncommon that she will make a book about whatever subject (movie) she is thinking about the most at present.  She and M are the best of playmates (who also fight), and many of her pictures include her and her sister playing together.  I love those pictures!  Kj loves to be silly and have fun.  Because of the bounteous deciduous tree population in our area, she is also currently loving raking up leaves and jumping in them. 

For her party, she invited a few friends over for a Rapunzel celebration.  I made some yarn braids and purchased some fake flowers with which to decorate said braids.  I think they turned out cute.  My extremely talented niece, Bean, made a great "Pin the Tail on Maximus" game, and we made a Pascal puzzle for the girls to find and put together.  I think everyone had a good time.  It always amazes me how much effort goes into preparing a party, and the party is over so quickly! 

On her actual birthday, I didn't want to make another cake and frosting so Kj chose peanut butter bars, yum!  We had the local fam over and made a quick evening of it.  We let the birthday child choose all their meals for the day, and they also don't have to do any chores, lucky ducks.  It's so cute to see how much children anticipate their birthdays. 

We love our Kj for her creativity, love, energy, intelligence and friendliness.  She is a wonderful eldest child. 

And S is tweaking Pea's nose. 


Michael Family said...

Super cute! Those braids look fun!

Maggie said...

So cute. Hope you had fun. Looks like you did. These girls are getting so big.

amydear said...

The braids are so cute! That last picture cracks me up. J had a great time helping with the party and making the game. I am glad that KJ is adjusting to school and doing well!

Unknown said...

Peanut butter bars hmmm?? Were they really peanut butter bars???

Hehehe I think you can imagine my concern after one such incident involving an Arnold drawing,sam the buffalo and meeting midstreet to exchange our ransom...

I don't think I can ever look at a peanut butter bar the same again

Cute party by the way!

Michelle said...

Fun! Happy Birthday to Kj!

Shauna said...

@Unknown: ha! There were no refried beans in this peanut butter bar batch. But I think you'll agree if you reflect honestly on your behavior that you got everything you deserved. :)