Friday, January 25, 2013

Five for Friday, the unclever edition

No snappy title, no continuity between the five, just a jumble of unclever happenings in this household.  Have a great weekend!

~ 1 ~
We had a bug move through our house earlier this week.  It started with Little Man, who thankfully threw up only two times.  This is his first time throwing up, and I am so grateful it was only twice.  No fever, no diarrhea, nothing else besides a decreased appetite the next day.  Thank you, Heavenly Father!  

~ 2 ~
HH and I got sick too, and unfortunately on the same day.  It's no fun having both parents sick at the same time, trying to care for little children.

~ 3 ~
Kj, poor girl, had an epic episode of vomiting.  Ready for this?  About every 15 minutes for 6-7 hours!!!!  I called the doctor after four hours of this gut- and heart-wrenching behavior, and the nurse said it could last for 12 hours.  12 hours?!?!?!?!?!  Thankfully it didn't last that long.  I had to switch with HH after four hours because I was so tired.  Thankfully she slept between the discomfort.  She had a fever the next day, was weak the following morning, but is back to herself now.  Moo had a very low fever yesterday for a bit, but it broke before bedtime, so hopefully that's all she endures.  Whew!

~ 4 ~
Speaking of Moo, these last two are about her.  She asked me the other day if we had ever been poor.  I replied that no, we had always had food to eat, clothes to wear, and a roof over our heads, so we had never been poor, to which she replied, "No, Mom.  I mean, have we ever not had a lot of toys?"  Oh, the childhood concept of poverty. :)

~ 5 ~
And finally, Moo turns four this weekend!!!  We are so excited to celebrate her birthday with her.  My sister and her fam were going to come up today and we were to have a family celebration, but with all the sickness going through our home, that may not happen.  Moo has said on more than one occasion, "And in four days, I get to be baptized!!!"  She knows it's not four days, but she can't remember the word "year."  Man, I love my kids.  I'll do a birthday post later.  

Happy Friday!


Michael Family said...

I am so glad everyone is better. Happy birthday little cousin M!

Jenni said...

Hope you are all feeling better now. We sure miss you here!