Sunday, February 10, 2013

Moo turns 4

This post is two weeks late, but we celebrated her birthday on time. :)  The Veggie Bunch came up on Friday evening and we had a little family celebration, but I didn't take any pictures of them, which is very lame of me.  We sure miss living so close to those cousins.  That is what I miss most about our old town; living to close to family.

Moo was very specific in her birthday cake request: pink and purple frosting with "Friendship is Magic" written on the side, and Celestia and Luna from My Little Ponies on top.  MLP is so cheesy, but whatever makes the birthday girl happy.



Sunday was Moo's actual birthday, and Nan was so kind to come and celebrate with us.  I remembered to get a picture of her.

 How to describe my Moo? She is fun and energetic, still has the low, raspy voice that is so adorable especially when she sings and tries to hit high notes.  Spontaneous and happy are other words that describe her well.  She plays well with both brother and sister, although she and sister fight more, since Little Man goes along with whatever and elder sister has firm opinions.  We recently cut her hair; prior to this it was longer than it had ever been, but she kept putting it in her mouth and it hurt her head a lot when we brushed it out, so off it came.  Her sweet round face looks so cute with a bob, but I was enjoying the longer lengths before we chopped it.  Unlike her older sister, she isn't afraid to try new things, and sometimes I think this is just so she can be in contrast with Kj.  Goombaw got her a Merida dress-up and bow and arrow, and she's been loving that!  And Moo often says that it is only four years until she is baptized, and that isn't very long!  I love my Moo and her happy energy.


And here's a random video of Little Man conducting music.  This boy loves music, and grunts and starts waving his hand in the air whenever we get in the van to remind me to put on the music ASAP!


Michael Family said...

Malia is so cute and fun! The "friendship is magic" is so funny---that must be from My Little Pony or something. Happy birthday Malia!

amydear said...

Ah, she is sooo cute! I'm glad we could come celebrate with her. Hope to see you all soon. We miss you too.