Thursday, March 7, 2013

February Fun

I was just thinking today how very boring but busy my life is, and how I didn't think I had anything noteworthy to blog about.  Then I thought to look on my camera and realized I forgot to write about HH's parents coming to visit us for his birthday weekend.  We had a great time!!! 

On Saturday, HH and I went on a nice, long date into Portlandia, where we drove around for about 20 minutes looking for parking.  Note to self: have a parking plan in mind before going downtown.  We enjoyed a mostly tasty dinner at a French restaurant we had been to once before.  Sadly, they have extremely lame, I might even say, gross bread, but the rest was delicious.  I got a split-pea soup as an appetizer.  Now, before you turn your nose up at such an idea, this was a pureed soup that was light and very tasty.  My main dish was filet of sole and the flavors were so scrumptious!  I ended my meal with mousse au chocolat, and waddled contentedly out of the restaurant.  Yum.  Eating really well-made, delicious food that I didn't have to prepare is a delightful thing.

On Sunday, I made HH's favorite meal, lasagna, and some homemade French bread, along with a killer triple chocolate mousse cake that I discovered.  Yum! Yum!  We also went on a very pleasant walk in a wildlife refuge very near our home.  What a treat that was, to have a dry patch of weather.  Saturday poured buckets of rain, cleared up in the evening, and stayed dry for Sunday. 

Monday led us to the Oregon Coast in Tillmook.  We hit the beach for about an hour, where we were visited with dry weather until we were headed back to the van, lucky us!  It was very windy, of course, but we had a fun time, especially the girls.  Goombaw and Kj got hit with a wave, which brought an ending to our beach adventure, but as mentioned above, the timing was perfect because that's when it started to rain.  So we drove to the Tillamook cheese factory as all good tourists must do and sampled some cheese, hit up the self-guided tour, and ended with dinner, then the drive home.  All in all, a fun but brief visit. 

The kids adored their grandparents, of course.  We had a great time visiting and eating yummy food and enjoying each other's company.  Nani, as Little Man now calls her, took some family pics that I need to get copies of, but here are some shots that we captured.  Enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by!

Goombaw brought more pillowcases for the girls' "Pillow Pills."  Sorry that Moo's arm is right in front of Goombaw's face.

Little Man insisted on wearing his daddy's hat.  Too cute!!!  But it hindered his vision a bit. :)

My two men.  I love them!

There was some serious exploring going on here.

They had so much fun in this truck thing.  Little Man spun the steering wheel while saying, "Whee!" for ten minutes.

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Michael Family said...

Oh, my gosh Seth is getting so big, and he looks adorable as always. Fun times!