Friday, March 15, 2013

Mullet: 2, Shauna: 0

About four months ago, before we moved, I got a bad haircut by a woman whom I had never been to before.  Good thing my friend, Jen, is a fabulous hair stylist and fixed it for me.  Jen's haircut was one of the best I've ever had.  My hair was pleasant to style, and it grew out nicely. 

Since four months had passed since that cut, I thought it was time to get another one, just to trim things up and help my hair have some body as I try to grow it out.  I'm going back down to my previous town where Jen lives over spring break, but could I wait two more weeks for a cut?  Apparently not.  Why am I so slow to learn my lesson?  I learned of a woman who cuts hair and thought it'd be easy to go to her.  I'm trying to grow out my hair since that fateful cut four months ago when I lost a lot of length that I didn't want to lose.  Looks like I'm back to where I started, and maybe even shorter!  Ugh.  I told the woman I'm trying to grow out my hair, I just needed a trim, something to give it body, etc.  Unfortunately, I didn't specify to not take any length off the hair that falls around my face.  In my mind, this cut is ugly, so I assume that people won't attempt it.  Well, you know what happens when I assume.  Swear words.  So here's my present cut.  Short layers right around my face that curve under and give my head a mushroom look, with longer layers just behind my ears, getting wispy at the bottom.  It's so ugly!!!!  Why do women who have been trained do this?!?!  I think it's generally accepted that the hair underneath and in the back grows the fastest, so if I were to keep this style, the mullet would be exaggerated even more.  (Okay, I acknowledge that this isn't a true mullet.  Poor Britney can attest to that, because her hubby thinks having a mullet is funny.  But this hair style reminds me of a mullet.)  i'm not showing you a front picture because a) I haven't put on make up today;
b) I'm not photogenic; and 3) I don't like it when my front layers are so short because my face is crooked and while I'm not fashionable, I do have some vanity. 

Sigh, so off I go to get it fixed tonight, losing all the length I've grown over the past four months, and likely then some.  I've determined that since I so enjoyed Jen's hair cut and her expertise, I will drive two hours every four or five months to get it cut by her.  The Veggie Bunch live there too, and it's always fun to play with family. 

Have a happy weekend!


amydear said...

I'm sorry this made me laugh, but I went through the exact same thing about 5 years ago. It must be a rite of passage once you hit your 30s. I finally had to not get my hair cut for about 5 months so that there was no way it could be cut short again.
And I haven't had it short since then. I think I'm scared!

Michael Family said...

Agh. I feel your pain. Bad haircuts are SO BAD. I got one when I was newly moved out here that was waaaay toooo short, and it was annoying that everyone thought that was my normal style. Plus I was pregnant so that didn't help me feel any prettier. I hope it all gets fixed. Meanwhile, remember mullets are business in the front, but a party in the back!

Shauna Hemenway said...

I'm glad it made you laugh. That was the hope. Short hair isn't too terrible a rite of passage. :)

Britney said...

I am sorry! Mullets are not funny even though rex thinks they are. At least you don't have this haircut to torment your husband :) after your haircut is fixed, you will look fabulous!

Sarah Matthews said...