Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter, of course!

Whew!  I am one tired mama.  Usually I'm tired by the end of the day, or a little before :) but today I was starting to move slowly around, oh, 4 pm.  I hit the official third trimester mark only one week ago, and I'm feeling the effects.  This pregnancy has been so different from my first three in that I have hardly exercised.  Have I mentioned this already?  I also feel more tender and sore in the pelvic area all the time.  I'm not old, but I can feel that my body is getting older with this fourth pregnancy.  These are the days that I long to lay flat on my back and stretch everything out really well and get these kinks out of my upper back and shoulders.

Spring Break was last week, but it wasn't exciting.  I went above and beyond my normal non-creative self and got some fun Easter craft ideas to do with the girls each day during Little Man's nap, but Moo was sick almost the whole week, so down went that idea.  That's all right though.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of rainy days ahead of us to occupy ourselves with some fun crafts.  We went down south on Saturday to play with family and friends for the day, and had a blast with the Veggie Bunch.  We did the usual egg hunt, but then they pulled out their Bouncy House, and much fun was had by all.  Then we played at a fun park with our friends, and it's always nice to be with friends and catch up.  It was a gorgeous day, but going down on Saturday threw off my early Easter prep plans, so Sunday was crazy trying to get everything ready and done on time.  I was on my feet almost the whole day.  The dinner was delicious and our guests delightful though, so it was worth the effort. 

Monday morning I woke up feeling pretty yucky, so HH stayed home from work and I slept almost the whole morning.  Oops.  I guess I need to take it a bit easier.  Have I mentioned that I have the most wonderful, supportive, and capable husband?  It's a shame you didn't get to marry him because he's one of a kind.  But I'm glad I got to marry him. 

Did anyone do anything tricky on April Fool's Day?  I wanted to play pranks on HH with the girls, but I spent the day in bed instead.  I think everyone should get to spend a day in bed every once in awhile.  It's a wonderful thing. 
H Dog

Little Man with his favorite Nanny-pants

I love cute cousins!

And these ones too

Bounce House madness

Ugh, my arms are fat

Isn't she so cute?


Maggie said...

So fun! Sounds like a great weekend. I am glad you could take it easy after overdoing it:) take it easy.

amydear said...

Your arms are not fat. It was wonderful to see you. Yeah for cousins and Easter!