Sunday, April 28, 2013

Picnic Post

We have been enjoying unseasonably dry and warm weather here in the Pacific Northwest, so much so that I got a sunburn!  Actually, this burn is annoying because I put on sunscreen but it didn't seem to protect at all.  I've heard/been told? that sunscreen expires after one year, and this is last year's sunscreen.  So maybe it's that or maybe it's my pregnancy hormones doing more strange things to my body (as if growing a baby weren't enough).  But I digress, and I'm only one paragraph into the post!

Kj had Thursday and Friday off of school, so we had extra play time, hooray!  On Thursday, we met Daddy at a park for a picnic.  We don't often get to his office, so this was a special treat to see him in the middle of the day. 



Silly man, silly face

But he's making a nice face here.

On Friday we went to a beautiful garden with some friends, and yet another picnic at a nearby park.  It is so fun to play outside with other moms and children, to enjoy the beauty of the earth, the many plants and colors and shapes and sizes our senses get to enjoy.  Little Buddy loved throwing the pea gravel that covered all the trails.  It was cute for maybe the first ten minutes and a challenge for the remaining 70. :)  We found a slug, a cute duck couple, and some kids saw salamanders in a pond.  One woman also had the privilege of having a snake cross her path, but she did not seem grateful for the encounter.  Odd.  I am so happy that my friend recommended this garden to me.  I have high hopes of taking my hubby on a nice date in May, hopefully a dry evening where we can walk the garden after dinner and enjoy the beauty.



The cool, big house built in 1914 that housed the owner of the gardens until 1959, when the garden was given to the care of a church.  No one lives there now, but I wish I did!

I'm a lousy photographer with a lousy camera, but at least you get a sense of the vibrant colors.



See the little rocks he's throwing? 
And in the background is the majestic Mt. Hood.

Today we went walking with some friends at the nearby wildlife refuge.  Now that spring has sprung, our world has turned emerald.  The walk was especially beautiful on the tree-covered trails that led out to some viewpoints.  I didn't bring our camera for this walk though.  Poor Little Buddy fell and landed on his hands and knees about five times.  It can be a rough life, being a little person.

So long to April and welcome to May!!!! 


Michael Family said...

Fun! That looks gorgeous!

amydear said...

Silly Jonas and his faces. The garden looks lovely.