Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kids' Day 2013

We started a tradition last year inspired by one of my sisters to have a Kids' Day once a year.  For our family, this means that the kids don't have to do any chores that day, we get to do a fun activity, and they choose the meals for the day.  For this year's Kids' Day, we went to the local children's museum, the girls watched one of their favorite movies, and they swam for approximately 27 minutes in the not-so-warm water in not-so-warm temperatures.  Daddy took them swimming.  Mommy is too wimpy.  It was a great day with much fun had by all.  Enjoy the pics!

The girls were so excited to do their own face paint!

I loved watching HH make a clay sculpture with Kj.  He really enjoys working with clay.

The kids all loved dinosaur land.

 The pics below are not from Kids' Day, just some cute shots I caught. 

I think Kj looks so pretty in this picture.  She's posing with Mr. Bear, who travels around from kid to kid in her classroom, going on different adventures as each child gets to take him home for a night.

People are always commenting on how much Kj looks like me, so she and Daddy got it into the heads (and giggling all the while) to have her dress up like me.  See the resemblance?  Do you like my new hat?


amydear said...

They are growing up, up, up and I am missing it! It was fun to see them every few days the four years we lived by each other. I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

The "Mama" said...

Kid's Day sounds like so much fun! I think our family needs to start celebrating that holiday too! Excited to see pictures of the baby when she gets here, good luck! Miss you bread buddy!!

Michael Family said...

Kj DOES look like you! That picture is uncanny!