Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am officially full-term now (37 weeks) and boy, am I ready to have this baby out of me!!!  I've never been hit so hard by a pregnancy before.  Not that it's really difficult, but I don't remember being this uncomfortable and sore in the previous three.  Some factors I suspect contribute to this blessed state of being include 1) I'm older, 2) I'm not exercising this pregnancy, and 3) the time between pregnancy #3 and #4 was the shortest of all my pregnancies. 

Our electrical power - and much of the surrounding area's - blew out for a time yesterday, and sadly, it fried our dishwasher.  Normally this wouldn't be a big deal.  I don't want to hand wash dishes any more than the next person, but I don't see it as a huge inconvenience.  The unfortunate aspect of the situation is that my protruding (a great word) belly hits the counter in such a way that I have to lean over with my upper back in an uncomfortable position to wash dishes at the sink.  I've tried standing on my little IKEA stool, but that didn't offer much relief.  If only I were one or two inches taller!!  But alas, that is not my destiny.  Nor is it likely that I will have my baby early; I've set a later trend between my three babies.  But someday soon my hip flexers won't tweak in pain and my ribcage will shrink to normal proportions and I'll be able to properly stretch.  Until then, here's to the unknown day of when this baby will make her appearance. 

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Annie said...

It's Go Time! Well, now that we've established the fact that long saunters do not speed labor, we will have to think of something more exciting. Skydiving perhaps? :) Here's to doing the dishes pain free.