Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy's Day

We celebrated a lovey Mother's Day in our home this year.  I read a year or two ago about a family who celebrates all the females in their family for Mother's Day, and thought it was a nice sentiment, so we've done a few things to include the girls too.  For example, on Saturday we drove to the local farmer's market and the girls were able to choose their own flowers for their own bouquets.  Oh, those flowers were beautiful!!!!  I also purchased some lip gloss and nail polish for the girls and we painted our nails before going to church Sunday morning.  Finally, I shared the chocolate I got at church for being a mom.  Yay for free chocolate!

For myself, I took a lovely, long nap Sunday afternoon and laid in bed for about half an hour afterwards enjoying the laziness of it all.  (You will see later that I am not the only one who thinks I'm lazy.)  After feeding the kids a snack, we went on a nice stroll, and then HH made dinner while I played with the kids.  It truly was a perfect day, ending with cheesecake and my friends absolutely delicious chocolate cake. 

Two more perks to the weekend were my hair cut that turned out cute! and HH bought me a new summer hat.  I will hopefully post pics later, but only if I'm in a good mood because I don't like pictures of myself.  I possess no talent for photogenicity (did you like my made-up word?)

Here is what Kj has to say about me as her mother:

My mom's name is Shauna
My mom is about 30 years old (true)
My mom is about 10 feet tall (okay, half that)
My mom's favorite color is yellow (also true)
My mom's favorite food is broccoli (not quite)
My mom always says, "You're the best girl ever!"  (I'm glad this was complimentary.  It could have been very embarrassing.)
My mom's job is taking care of us (yup)
If my mom had time, she would love to take a rest. . . she's very lazy (see!  I told you!)
While I'm at school, my mom mostly just rests (if she only knew)
My mom and I like to clean the house (I admit, I do enjoy a clean house, and Kj is a good helper.  I prefer reading to/with her though)


Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day! Glad it was a good one, because you are an awesome mom.

Michael Family said...

Later she will understand that you are not lazy, you are cooking a baby inside you, and have three other ones to care for! :) Glad you got to be lazy at least for a bit!

Annie said...

What a lovely Mother's Day and how very sweet to make it a girl's day celebration. I thought that you would surly mention the cinnamon rolls. :)