Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Family pics!

We have never had professional family pictures done, so when a woman sent out an email announcing that she'd be in town and taking pictures for only $60 for a 20-minute time slot, I jumped on the chance.  Perfect amount of time for my little family, and perfect amount of money for my little budget.  I love all the ones of our three girls.  Little Man wasn't so sure about having his picture taken; he's really a handsome boy when not wrinkling his nose like that. 

 I know these two pics are almost the same, but she's just so cute!!!

 How cute are my kids?!?!

 This one did not turn out well, but it's all we got of all us ladies.
 I love my men!

 This picture cracks me up because it shows personalities so well.  Baby was tired and ready to be done!

Onto the house!  Well, duplex actually.  I am happier here than in the condo.  We have a garage, a yard, and more space.  Our bathroom has a walk-in closet.  So cool!  We look forward to working on the lawn, garden, and house.  Some painting needs to be done, especially in the bathroom.  The walls, ceilings, and cabinetry are all white, so it's blinding when using the facilities.  But we had to buy paint to patch the walls at the condo before moving, so we have a nice tan color to use.  The kids' rooms are big, which is so fun.  We have only three bedrooms, but it's working for us now.  Stop by and see us when you're in the neighborhood!


Trina said...

Cute photos!!! I especially like the first one of the two older girls kissing the baby. You have such adorable kids! I am glad your new home is working out well! It was fun to see you at the park!

The "Mama" said...

What great pictures! I think all of them are great! Love the colors you chose too!!

Michael Family said...

I LOVE the pictures and I want your baby! I was waiting for a post about your new digs. Glad you are happier!

Amy said...

Adorable pictures! Miss your family!

Tawny Crane said...

Your pictures are so cute. And your little man is adorable even with his wrinkled nose!