Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I need a Susan Baker

Are you familiar with Anne of Green Gables series?  In Anne's House of Dreams, Anne and Gilbert are newly weds.  They move to another part of the Island and buy the cutest beach house.  In this house, Anne bears their first two children.  Sadly Joyce, the first baby, dies after three days, but Jem (James), the second born, does not die.  I don't remember after which child Susan Baker came to live with them, but Susan was apparently an unattractive but very lovable and hard-working woman.  She was their servant, but became part of the family, really.  She helped with cleaning, child raising, you name it, she did it.  She lived with them until the end of the series, probably until she died.  And she was always there to help. 

I want a Susan Baker.  I want one so badly.  I wake up at about 5:30 every morning and sit down for maybe one hour between the time that I rise and 9:30 at night.  Right now I'm supposed to be doing the dishes, but my feet hurt and I am so tired.  Tired of always doing, rushing to get things done so my house will not be a wreck.  I want to play more with my kids, or go out on errands alone, or just sit and read uninterrupted for an hour.  Wouldn't that be heavenly?  With a big bowl of buttered popcorn. 

I'm really not trying to complain though.  I am really very happy.  I am so much happier in our new home and am excited for our plans to make it more ours.  My children are wonderful!  I don't have any crazy, hard children who are always into things and making messes and running away from me.  They are delightful, they play well together, and enjoy being with each other.  Don't get me wrong, they fight too, but generally we are a really happy bunch. 

On another note, I love September.  It is the most perfect month of the year, in my opinion.  The harvest is in full swing, temperatures are pleasant, the sky is blue, the earth is at it's finest in September, or at least the Pacific Northwest is at its finest.  (Did you notice my two varying "it's"?  I don't know which is correct so I went for 50%.  For those of you who know, please advise.) 

All righty, I've rested long enough.  10 minutes!  Better get back to work.  Happy rest of the summer to you. 


Amy said...

oh, that does sound perfect. i just finished reading "to kill a mockingbird" (i don't know how i didn't read it before- amazing book!) and found myself wishing for my own Calpurnia. i love her!

and the weather is absolutely gorgeous, though i could do with 10 degrees cooler :)

(and it's = it is. so its is the winner)

amydear said...

I will make no grammar comments. ; ) I keep saying to myself, I'll be less busy in 10 years. And it may be true. Or not. I had a glorious nap today. I hope you get one soon!

Tawny Crane said...

That makes my feet tired for you. In my head I am scheming of different ways to have you find sit-down time. But alas I'm sure you know them all. Me thinks even if you had a Susan Baker you would still find ways to be on your feet. But in the grand scheme of things, I think that brings you more joy then a book & buttered popcorn. :)

Shauna Hemenway said...

Ha ha. You're probably right, Tawny. But I think if I did have a Susan, I would take a half hour nap and half hour reading time every day just for me. :)