Saturday, May 10, 2014

I concede

All right, the daily blogging thing didn't work out. That's okay!  I'll still give updates on my two oldest girls soon and maybe some other little entries here and there.

We have a stomach bug visiting our family.  It hit Moo and me last night and Little Man this morning.  Thank goodness he only threw up once.  Poor Moo had a hard time of it for quite awhile there, every 20 minutes or so for some hours.  I wasn't with her then.  I think the baby shared it with us.  We'll see if HH and Kj come out of it unscathed.  It threw off our weekend plans of planting our garden, though, which is a big bummer.  It is raining tonight and then will be nice and sunny this week, getting into the 90s, which is way too hot for May.  This happened last year too.  I guess global warming is real. :)

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!  Check out this blog for some truly uplifting reminders about motherhood. 

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