Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Where do I begin?

I am so behind on posting that it's just a guilty act right now.  Our baby just turned one year this week, and I finally feel like life is becoming less overwhelming, like I can do more than just the bare minimum to hang on. 

I love my kids!  They are such a joy to me.  When they play together and make each other laugh, it is the best sound/feeling in the world.  Watching my chunky baby become more of a person is pure delight.  I love their eyes, the way they open and look with such enthusiasm at the world around them.  My kids take care of each other too.  I can leave baby with the older ones and know (generally) that she's well looked after.  Now please don't think our home is a bubble of good manners and long tempers; we have our fair share of whining and arguing.  But a lot of the time we are laughing and working and playing together and enjoying one another.

There is so much to catch up on!  First, did you know that there are extreme mini ponies in the world?  There are!  And we get to help groom them.  On a Saturday run I often do, I discovered some ponies one day, and of course had to bring the kids up to see them.  The girls adored them, of course.  We brought them up again on Mother's Day, and the owner was there and let us into the field to see the horses.  She has about ten ponies and one Arabian, Regal, who thinks he is the bees knees.  And two of these ponies are extreme minis.  Many have said they look a bit like pigs.  They are so short, it's comical.  I asked the owner if we could help groom them and she said yes.  We haven't been much for the past month, sadly, but we've been five or six times and the girls really enjoy themselves.  It's a bit tricky taking all four kids since baby doesn't walk yet, but we make it work. 

We also are now the proud owners of a trampoline. I just know someone is going to get hurt someday, but I'm telling you, it's the best investment ever.  The kids, especially M and S, are out there all the time, jumping and playing games.  It takes up about half of our tiny yard too, which is funny.  Before the trampoline, the kids weren't in our yard very much because there wasn't much to do, but now they're out there quite often.  I love it.

And our baby turned one year old!  She is a very healthy 23 lbs.  Lots of chub.  Delicious to nibble on if you ever want to give it a try.  My favorite rolls are still the ones right above her knee.  So cute!  She is becoming more and more expressive and learning lots of signs.  She mimics our tone/mood/sounds, so she's a good barometer for what is happening in our family.  M and S were playing kittens today and she was trying to make kitty sounds too.  I wish she were walking because she is so heavy to lug around, but no such luck yet.  I'm going to try potty training her once she can walk. Crazy, I know, but wouldn't it be great to be done with diapers at 18 months?!?! 

I will do separate posts for my two oldest girls soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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