Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Man

He is a very expressive two-year old, and many people comment on how well he speaks.  He can be quite bossy, which is funny because his body is so small and his head is so big.  He adores excavators and other machinery, but excavators are his first love.  Have I mentioned his love of conducting music as well?  Goombaw got him a music stand and he loves standing at it while singing the theme song to Thomas the Tank Engine.  We sing it as a family every day.  The girls are a little weary of it, but we love our little man. 

Boy, is he stubborn. Hopefully we can channel that energy in healthy avenues as he gets older. :)  He loves his baby sister, and he and Moo are very good play buddies.  You can often find them doing head stands on the couch together or playing hide and seek. 

Playing with the lawn mower is another favorite past time, as well as watching neighbors mow their lawns, use their blowers, and watch the garbage trucks go by. 

Little Man is a very fun little boy who loves to smile and laugh and dance.  He is a good playmate and snuggler.  We love him!

I can't upload the video right now for unknown reasons.  Come back later to see it.  It's so cute!

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amydear said...

Can't wait to see that little man soon! Love him so much.