Sunday, May 4, 2014

One miss

Shoot!  It was only three days in and I missed a day already.  Well, it's your lucky day!  I'll do two posts today.  Yes, you can breathe that sigh of relief.  That was a close one. 

Good news!  The farmer's market is back in business, hooray!!!!  I love the farmer's market.  I bought some handmade soaps yesterday (I also love handmade soap and am becoming quite snooty about store-bought vs. handmade), some asparagus of course, kale, spinach and, ready for this?  Strawberries!!!!  I couldn't believe it when I saw them.  Strawberries already.  I bought three pints, and should have just gone for the half flat.  Oh well.  Yummy yummy, I love strawberries. I was going to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie tonight, but since we had french toast with Nutella, whipping cream, and strawberries for breakfast this morning, I think I'll pass on making another dessert for tonight.  :)

I am so looking forward to this summer, the fresh produce, warmth, beauty, and having all my kids home with me without school and playgroup schedules.  Happy day!

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