Friday, May 2, 2014

What's your flavor?

Boy, I bet you thought I forgot about posting today.  You're right, sort of.  I've remembered a couple of times throughout the day, but almost went to bed tonight without posting.  I know you've been waiting by your screen for my post.  Sorry to keep you waiting. 

The other night after dinner, my husband and I were talking about the flavor of the meal.  I asked HH if he liked it, and he gave it a so-so score because the flavor of the salmon wasn't his favorite.  He went on to explain that he enjoys sweet and savory things, while I like tangy and vinegar-flavored foods.  It was at this point that I realized that HH and my personalities are like the flavors we enjoy: almost everyone likes sweet and savory; it's comfortable, enjoyable, and easy to get along with.  Vinegar and tang, on the other hand, give you a bit of a kick; they are strong flavors that some people don't care for.

To illustrate this example in an amusing way, let me tell you a story.  My hubby is an estate-planning lawyer and works with many older clientele, many of them women.  And he is an elder woman lady killer.  These women just adore him, think he's the bees knees.  Recently, a client described him as appetizing to his face.  Yup, HH is appetizing all right, but only I get to sample him, lady, so back off or I'll knock your walker out from under you.  (Sorry, HH, I just objectified you.)  Sweet and savory.  Hmm-mmmm!

What's your flavor?  

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