Monday, August 25, 2014


The end of summer is here, friends.  So sad!  I didn't do any of the homeschooling I had hoped to.   I did deal with sick kids from approximately mid-June to the end of July, but we had fun times in between as well.  I have loved this time with my kiddos.  My house is more messy and chaotic and loud than I would like, but I have four happy, extremely healthy and intelligent children and I am so happy I get to stay home and raise them. 

I've been having Kj and Moo help me around the house a lot, dividing up their responsibilities between kitchen one week (dishes and food prep) and household chores (laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and bathrooms).  Since M is only five she still needs to work by my side, but let me tell you, it is awesome that K can be asked to do a chore and she goes and does it, mostly on her own.  My unsolicited advice to you is, take time to teach your kids to help while they are young.  It seems like it might be tedious, but it provides great one-on-one time, and they ask wonderful questions that get me thinking. 

Enjoy some pics from recent happenings.  Don't you love the one with baby and grandpa playing peek-a-boo? 

 My niece got baptized this past weekend.  It was so great to have lots of family in town.  I love all being together.  Below is a cousin pic and a family picture, as well as a big family visit to the ponies.

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