Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm back

All right, friends and family, I've restored my blog.  What, you didn't know I deleted it?  That's okay.  We can still be friends.  I hope to post at least once a month so you can check in on us. 

 Our most recent "exciting thing" is that our oldest kiddo turned eight and chose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  Congrats to Kj!  We are so proud of her.  She's a great girl who loves to read, imagine, learn, sing and dance.  Being responsible is also a strong attribute, as well as being quick to obey. I am one lucky mama to have Kj as our eldest child. 

I am pathetic when it comes to taking pictures, but I snapped a couple of bad ones at her "due date" party with the cousins.  The stars aligned for the cousin birthday party to take place on October 10th, Kj's due date.  My daughter was born two weeks later.  Longest two weeks of my life.  Good thing it's over with!  We went swimming, had pizza and cake with ice cream (though a section of the cake was frosting-free as Kj does not care for super sugary things, good girl!), and painted glasses the next morning after a breakfast of crepes.  It was fun! 







Her birthday was a great day for her too.  Crepes again for breakfast, I took her a Happy Meal to school for lunch (the only day of the year this occurs), and out to dinner with her family, nearby relatives, and my parents.  Then I surprised Kj and Moo by taking them to a play, which they enjoyed.  It was a great day.

Next came the baptism day.  This was a busy weekend!  We hosted family for brunch amidst a windy, rainy day.  While at the church for the baptism, the power went out!  But we had the luxury of emergency lights and many flashlights on cell phones, so it wasn't a problem.  The baptism that happened after ours did not have the emergency lights AND a tree fell over in the parking lot, so they have a better story. :)  But it will be a memorable day for Kj, I think. 

Side note: for those of you not of our faith, the earliest age that one can be baptized into our church is eight years old, known to us as the age of accountability, meaning that generally a child knows enough right from wrong and can make the decision for themselves if they want to be baptized or not.  There is not cap on the age you can be baptized though.  A man recently baptized is in his 80s!  He has a remarkable story.  If you would like to read a very brief summary of our belief in baptism, click here.

And so life goes on in its busy way.  Moo loves kindergarten and reads like a champ.  I'm learning how to cope with Little Man's energy level and greater need for interaction and direction.  ChunkE talks like a champ and has quite the personality already.  HH and I are actually getting at least two dates in each month because our awesome friend set up a babysitting exchange, wahoo!  don't be fooled; I have more than my fair share of grumpy moments but I'm trying to curb those and be a good example to my little people.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll leave a comment to let me know you stopped by!


amydear said...

The glasses look cute! Can't wait to see them in person. I didn't know you deleted your blog, but I understand blogging woes.

Shauna Hemenway said...

That's ironic that you didn't realize I deleted it. the reason I did delete it was because as far as I knew, only you and Marisa read it. We'll see how it goes.

Lisa Criddle said...

The pic of Dad and Nora is so cute!
Are you for hire? :)

Lisa Criddle said...

The pic of Dad and Nora is so cute!

Allison Holden said...

That picture of Eleanor is precious. I enjoyed reading your positive and well-written posts!

Holly Lujan said...

I read! I was wondering what happened to your blog. Glad you came back :) If anything just keep blogging for yourself. I love looking back at all my old posts.