Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween and all that jazz

I'm kind of a lame Halloween mommy.  It's not my favorite holiday.  But I did capture some bad pictures of my kids (because our camera is incapable, not because my kids are bad).  Kj went as Kirsten the American Girl Doll.  She looked so cute that morning with her hair newly done and ribbons in her hair.  Moo went as Little Red Riding Hood and was upset about something, as she often seems to be lately.  Poor Moo.  S went as a puppy; dressing up is not a favorite past time of his, so he doesn't get into it either.  I'm too lazy to plan a cute outfit for ChunkE, so she wore a Snow White dress that was a size too big for her.  Well, that's not entirely true that I'm too lazy.  HH and I had a fun plan for Halloween with the little ones.  S would be Calvin, HH would be Hobbes, I was going to be Susie, and ChunkE would be Mr. Bun.  Sadly, S would have nothing to do with being Calvin, I think because he doesn't really know who Calvin is.  And maybe dressing up as a sassy kid wasn't change enough for him. :)  Maybe another year. 

My kids are awesome, by the way. Today Moo got a huge pile of blankets, pillows, towels, and sheets near the foot of my bed, but far enough away to make it an epic jump, and she and S jumped on this pile for about an hour.  I got a video, but Little Man doesn't have anything on his bottom (potty training still), so I can't post the video.  I'm sad because they had some pretty sweet jumps. 

Welcome to November!  Check out this link to learn a brief history of how Thanksgiving was instituted in our country as a national holiday by Pres. Lincoln, and read the incredibly stirring Thanksgiving Proclamation.


amydear said...

M looks very happy and cute in the last photo! Halloween is not my favorite either. Yeah for November!

Maggie said...

Can't believe you are expecting #5!!! Fun pictures. We just had a baptism too! I will try to post something soon. Glad you are back!

Tawny Crane said...

Creative costumes! I do enjoy Halloween (maybe it's because I've always loved dressing up and all the candy) sadly I didn't dress up this year. It was an accomplishment that I got the kids costumes together in time.
Your kids look adorable.
And blah for being prego & potty training simultaneously. We are in a similar boat of new born & potty training.