Saturday, January 17, 2015

Apparently no one cares that we're having another girl. 

We are getting excited to move!  I've packing up the house slowly yet surely, and thank you to many friends for having my kids over to play.  Next week we will go pick paint colors so we can paint before moving in.  This method will be so much easier, rather than painting when we're already living in the house. The house owners are so nice and accommodating.  We feel very, very lucky to move into this place.  And sorry if I mentioned it before, but I found a free play structure on craigslist, hooray!  Since we won't have the park with the playground right behind our house anymore, I am very excited to have one of these of our own. 


Jenni said...

I am excited you are having a girl, and as I said before even a little envious! Four lovely little girl! I am happy for you and I love both of the names you are thinking about. I am excited to visit you in your new house and see the new paint colors. That sounds fun!

Shauna Hemenway said...

Yay Jenni! Thanks for caring.