Monday, January 19, 2015

Middle Sis party

It is eight days before her birthday, but a good day to party with the cuzzies, thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  She requested a Frozen party, which was odd to me because we don't even own the movie and she's not very into Frozen, but it was fun all the same. I found a link to some no-sew Elsa capes that was supposed to allow the girls to be creative and cut their own snowflakes, but our little scissors weren't up to the task, so the oldest cousin and moms ended up making snowflakes instead. Oh well.   Other activities included knocking over the tower of cups with "snowballs,"  and pinning the carrot on Olaf's face.  My wonderfully talented niece - who also painted our family tree - made the poster of Olaf with carrot noses included, and she made the prettiest snowflakes for the girls' capes.  Hooray for artistically talented people!  I am not one of them.  Enjoy the pics.

How cute is this guy?

All the girls minus one posing with their crowns and capes.

The coveted present-opening time.

Here Middle  Sis is wearing her sister's fake glasses.

Now she has her own!  I love their obsession with glasses.

Donning her new glasses.

All right, that cousin in front is MUCH cuter than this picture shows, but I got a good laugh when I first saw it, Amy. 

The artistic and talented niece, Bean.

Seth and the boys.

My fabulously helpful sisters eating their well-deserved ice cream.
A finished cape.  Cute, no? 
If you want to see quality pictures of well-done capes, go here.   Even if you don't want to make Elsa capes, I wish I had this tutorial for when I made capes for my kids this past Christmas.  It is so easy to make a good pattern for their little bodies following her cape instructions. 

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