Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hazelnut House

Have I mentioned that the name of our new home is Hazelnut House?  We are having an unseasonably dry and warm winter, which worries me a bit, but more on that later.  Because we have early church (yay!) and the afternoon was fine, we went up to see the house in daylight as I try to pick out paint colors.  The property is on a full acre and the kids are in heaven.  The ground is very lumpy and will require a LOT of work.  We'll see what we can make of it without putting much money into it.  We are still renters after all.  But they found a large gravel pile and a fun tree to climb which entertained them for quite some time.  I look forward to being mostly unpacked, the play structure up, and getting our hands dirty in improving the property.  Lots of work to do over the next month, but we are so grateful to have this opportunity to live on property AND save money. Hooray!  I'll bring the camera to the house this week so you can see our new pad.

Back to the lack of rain.  I worry when the weather does unusual things, especially when there isn't as much moisture as there should be.  Usually winter is dreary and rainy, but this winter has been so dry and warm.  Bad news for the snow pack, which in many areas in only 20% of what it should be.  So if you're a praying person, please pray for more precipitation and specifically more snowpack in the mountains.  Thanks!


Matt Scott said...

That's exciting you can be on some land, especially around here where it's so expensive to buy anywhere like that. Sounds like my dream home. You guys should definitely get some chickens.

Shauna Hemenway said...

I would love any chicken advice you have, Matt.

Tawny Crane said...

Sounds like a lot of work but an enjoyable outcome :)
Lydon was talking about how cool our bibs were and asked where we got them I told him you made them, and thought I'd let you know they are getting good use :) take care