Friday, July 25, 2008

Two cute Kjersten stories

Hi again. I just transferred some pictures from the camera to the computer and remembered some things I wanted to share about Kjersten. The first picture is at a kids carnival we went to. This is Kjersten's first time smiling for a picture when asked. I love how her lower teeth come in front of the upper. Such a cute smile!

The second picture is of a recent bath. Kjersten used to be afraid of bubbles, but she now likes the ones you can blow out of the wand. She also likes to stand next to the sink while I do the hand-washing and play with the dish soap bubbles, but only in small doses. Almost every time Kjersten takes a bath, I ask her if she wants bubbles and she says no. During a recent bath, I put a tiny amount of bubble bath in the tub, confirmed three times with her that it was okay, and put her in the tub while it filled up. She asked for more bubbles, and I very readily put more in. I thought we had conquered the fear of bubbles in the bath. She was completely content while the tub was filling, but when I turned off the water and the bubbles didn't go away, Kjersten started crying, real sad alligator tears. We had to empty the entire tub and fill it anew bubble-free. Sigh. Someday she'll like bubbles and sand and swinging, maybe.


Sarah L. said...

It's funny how kids pick and choose what scares them at different times in their lives. Don't worry, she'll like them soon:) Thanks for your silly words on my blog. You always make me laugh and I needed it today. Hope all is well

Britney said...

I like your pictures, espically Kjersten's smileand piggys, babies are so fun! Sorry that I am always missing your calls, I swear it is not on purpose!! Talk to you later!!

Lexi said...

Cute kid you've got there. I think it's funny that bubbles, sand and swinging are three of Ryah's favorite things... Have a good trip!