Monday, July 13, 2009

More family fun

My oldest sister just left this morning, and while she wasn't staying at my home, it still feels like we've had visitors since getting back from Utah, two weeks later. I am ready to get back into exercising and eating well. My stomach pooch is evidence of lack of discipline in those two area. Sigh. But much fun was had by all! We went to the coast one day: We went on a beautiful hike, played at the beach, and of course, ate at Mo's, which has excellent fries and tartar sauce, BTW. Yum! Jonas and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on Thursday. Jonas informed me that this is the wood anniversary. I grabbed a small leftover piece of wood from my sister's deck, and wrote "Happy 5th Anniversary" with little hearts all over with a Sharpie pen. Classy, eh? I'd post a picture, but I can't find it. Jonas probably threw it away. And yesterday was my 27th birthday. It was a great day. Jonas treated me like a queen. I got a nap, a delicious halibut dinner, and an even more deliciouser (yes, deliciouser) chocolate cake made by my sis, Amy. Amy is an excellent cook, and the cake contributed to my pooch. Yum!

Heceta Head Lighthouse beach where we played.

My mom and dad playing frisbee on the beach. I thought it was cute and romantic.

Kara Boo playing in the sand.
Kjersten does NOT like the sand. After walking around for 10 minutes, she was still whining, so I put her socks and shoes back on.

Kjersten and Kara are quite a pair. Kj liked playing on the logs.

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Klearbon said...

I am a terrible bread buddy...I forgot your birthday! How can this be?! I'm sending you a bunch of bread buddy hugs to say I'm so sorry!!!!!!!! I hope you had a fantastic day and it sounds like it. I hope you can find the piece of wood you gave to Jonas, I would love to see it! What is a 3rd anniversary??? We celebrate ours on the 22nd. Talk to you soon!!