Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Nothing incredibly exciting going on here; just the day-to-day routine. We like to go to the library for story time and then hit the awesome farmer's market on Tuesdays. We play in our little wading pool at least once a week (usually while M's napping). Daddy comes home for lunch, which is always a breath of fresh air. And we usually visit our Veggie Bunch family because they're fun and have AC!

M started sitting up last week and is already pro. I'm feeding her solids sometimes, but she's not that into it yet. She really liked sucking on a piece of watermelon though! K seems to want to weed out naps, but is in piece by five if she doesn't sleep. Here's a nice shot of her taking a nap at 5:30. She was whining and crying so I shut her in her room. It was quiet five minutes later.

My sister, Lisa, and me.


Britney said...

Cute pics! Annie doesn't like to nap either... wahh. I like the picture of Kj by the trash can :) Can't wait to swim tomorrow with you guys!

Joel Deehr said...

your kids are cute