Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm back! We have been in a whirlwind for the past two weeks, and it has been fun! Our Utah/Idaho trip was a blast, and then my family entire family came into town for the 4th of July weekend to play and help build a deck. To add to the excitement, we had the inside of our house painted while we were in Utah, so Jonas and I have slowly been putting the house back together. It looks so much better now. I don't cringe when I walk up the stairs anymore.

I have lots to share with you, so this post will just be about our Utah trip. We stayed with good friends who keep chickens, and Kjersten loved them. We swam, hiked, saw our old ward friends, went to the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple open house, saw more friends, and had a great roommate reunion. We also visited some of Jonas' family in southern Idaho. Kjersten had a blast running around their huge beautiful yard and playing with their many toys. The girls slept pretty well, which was wonderful, and good times were had by all. Enjoy the pictures!

Our attempts at family pictures. We haven't taken any since Malia was born. Kjersten and Joe do NOT like family pictures. :)

How cute is she?

Kjersten showing off her moves on the trampoline in Idaho. Sweet hair, eh?

Kjersten asked for a chicken to swing with her. It stayed on for a minute or two.

Jessica, Malia, and Jeanette playing with chickens. Jessica is known as the "chicken whisperer."

Jeanettey-pooh and Malia. She is a wonderful hostess! Thanks you guys!

Kjersten didn't want to sit in the highchair so seven-year old Sarah willingly sat there.

Kjersten playing with Hermione. She loved this dog and walked it around for as long as she could.

Kjersten in timeout after not wanting to share the above dog.

All my old roomie, their hubbies, and some children.

Malia and Jace-man. Jace is about six weeks older than Malia. Malia weighs about 16 lbs, Jace about 22!


Michael Family said...

yay for your house being painted! I thought it looked nice, but couldn't figure out what was different about it!

Anonymous said...

hehehe the picture of timeout time, I know how hard sharing can be! Glad you guys had a fun trip, but wait a second...that means you guys passed through The Dalles and you didn't even stop to say hi, hmmmmm....

Britney said...

Great pictures, we are glad that you are back, it seems like you were gone forever!! I am happy you had fun. I like that Kj is an animal lover, espically the chicken in the swing....awesome. I like the family picture too, I personally love family pictures but I can't speak for the rest of my family:)

Lexi said...

Yeah for Jace/Malia size comparisons! I am glad you had a good trip. Thanks for making the effort (life is so different with kids ehh!). You have a beautiful family. I love you, and appreciate your friendship. (I haven't plugged in our pictures yet, I am so excited! It's almost as fun as anticipating prints coming in.)

Joel Deehr said...

wow thats amazing a bunch of roomates got together after so many years.