Monday, August 10, 2009


I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile, so here's an attempt at a brief update.

I've concluded that anyone who has five or more children should immediately inducted into sainthood. That makes my parents angels. I watched my sister's three kids last week while their parents tore it up in NYC. The two oldest were great, almost no problems there. K and Boo were another matter entirely. They fought almost the whole time, mostly because K doesn't like to share or take turns. I heard lots of screaming, did a lot of regulating, etc. It seemed like someone always wanted something, especially during mealtimes. We had lots of fun though. We went to a nearby park and played in the river, went swimming, to a childrens museum, and the kids had some playdates. I am very grateful to be able to work off some of my road bike.

M is six months old now, as of the end of July. She's a cutie, eating some solid foods now. She loves to be heard, can sit up, but still doesn't like to be on her tummy. She's still waking up twice a night. I'm tired, so I think I might let her cry it out for her first wake up. I love her big blue eyes: she can stare anyone down. It's so adorable when she smiles. Her little face looks rectangular because her chin goes up and her cheeks go out. So cute!!!! Her peach fuzz is getting longer. She has great bed head all the time.

K is a sweet, funny, and whiny girl. An old neighbor across the street died recently, and her family gave K the yard decoration ducks that were in her backyard. K LOVES playing with them. I filled up the wading pool so she can play in the water with them. She's a good sister to Malia. It's so fun to hear them play and laugh together. She does well in her nursery class, and almost every Sunday on our way home from church she tells me how she didn't want to share a toy with someone in nursery. :)

We are nearing the end of this heavenly summer with J just working full-time. His parents are coming into town in about a week and a half, and the girls and I will go back to Spokane with them for about a week. I love having visitors in summertime, and going fun places!!!

Life is great for us right now. We are so blessed that J has this great clerking position, we have two beautiful girls, have wonderful neighbors, and family nearby.


Michael Family said...

Kj looks like you! And Malia is so cute.

Joel Deehr said...

And you are so lucky so have such a hot brother. I like seeing your guys' pictures.

Britney said...

I am sure that camp Shauna was great! Amy is lucky to have such a great sister so close! Annie has a hard time sharing too and often tells me if she cried in nursery. Yeah for playdaytes.....see you tomorrow!!

Klearbon said...

cute pictures! How was the Temple and the Zoo? We miss you guys!

Maggie said...

It sounds to me like you might need to be inducted into sainthood for babysitting all those kids and even taking them to do fun things. It IS hard having to be a regulator all the time- It happens a lot with Gracie and one of her cousins as well. It is fun to catch up. (by the way, I love jicama too. In Mexico they pour lime juice over it and sprinkle on some tajin(chile en polvo- you can probably find it in the mexican food section of the grocery store). You should try it. mmmm.).

amydear said...

Love that cute pic of Malia.