Sunday, August 30, 2009

The never-ending vacation

Hello all. I'm posting from Montana at my sister's house. K, M and I are currently on vacation to visit family in the northwest, and it's an up and down adventure for all. I've almost gone home early three times now, but we'll stick it out. Not to say we haven't had a good time. K loves playing with all the animals and fun toys at Goombaw's house, and is having a blast with her cousins and their toys in Montana. Evenings are very challenging though. M won't sleep in the portacrib after 9 pm or so, so we've all slept in a queen bed together the past two nights. My sleep has been shortened, but I'm staying afloat. We fly home on Saturday. I hope it goes by quickly. I miss my husband and my home dearly.

To keep this post more positive, let me highlight some fun things:

1) I went to Moscow, ID with my parents and visited my friend Brooke from college. She has the cutest little baby, Hannah. We went biking around the booming metropolis of Moscow, and she treated me to a delicious bagel sandwich.

2) Goombaw's house. K absolutely adores playing with all the animals, and their food, at Goombaw's house. She also likes jumping on the trampoline, and danced to mariachi music on a record player with Aunt Meisha. K adores her Uncle Gabriel.

3) Montana. It has been so nice visiting my sister Lisa and her family. The kids are so nice to K and M. We had fun playing in some chilly river water yesterday, and look forward to a hike today.

Thanks to all our wonderful hosts!


Michael Family said...

Fun! I wish I was there with you!

Jonathan and Carley said...

Traveling is so hard with kids. It is nice for a little while but the no sleep catches up and then you have to recover from your vacation! It sounds like you are having a great time anyway!

A, M and S said...

I'm looking forward to you getting back so we can swim and ride! Renee

Joel Deehr said...

what the? She like gabe but no one else?? I feel gypped.

amydear said...

So silly! I hope you get some better sleep. I'm way jealous that you're there and I'm here. And I haven't seen you in a month, it feels like.

Britney said...

I haven't seen you in forever!! I was wondering when you were coming home! We are so excited to see you guys when you get home!Have fun and enjoy your family!