Sunday, August 30, 2009

Missing his little women

The house is very empty without the women-folk around. I just wanted to let my girls know, via Shauna's own blog, that I miss them all and can't wait until Saturday when they come home and Friday when I finally clean the house in anticipation of that homecoming.

To Shauna: "Water-bottle"

To Kjersten: "Dumm Ditty Dumm Ditty Whack Whack Whack" and "It's UP to you" and "the Baby!!!!"

To Malia: "Mee-and-a-Mee-and-a-Mee-ah-moo, Mee-ah-moo, Mee-ah-moo. Mee-and-a-Mee-and-a-Mee-ah-moo, Mee-ah-moo, Mee-aaah-moo"

I love you all and can't wait to see you!!


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amydear said...

Fun to see you tonight! Hope you have a good week without the girls. You're sweet to post about them.