Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new spring look

Hi! I'm tired, how are you? My goal this week is to deep clean the kitchen. This hasn't been done for about two years, so I have my work cut out for me. The only time I can find to do this is after the girls are in bed, which is when I want to just veg on the couch. But I can persevere for a week. J has to study a lot, as he nears the end of his very last semester of school ever!!!! Hooray! One woman, one kitchen, one week. Bring it on.

We've rearranged some furniture in our house, which is gives it a fun new look. I like the openness it lends to our downstairs too. Too bad I didn't take before or after pictures. You'll have to come see it for yourself.

I did take some after pictures of the upstairs though. We bought a train table for Kj last week. Boy, those things take up a lot of space! We were intending on having the girls share a room in the near future, but decided to just put them together now. It makes for a very cozy sleeping space, but they've done well together. I like that they share a room and we now have a play room. We can pretend it's a guest room too for when those come. The walls in the play room are very bare. Sigh. I stink at decorating. I have very creative friends. Maybe they can channel that creative energy in my direction.

Hooray for the Easter season! Kj keeps talking about eating bunny candy, and I keep reminding her what Easter is really celebrating. I think she might be getting it. :)

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Michael Family said...

Malia is getting so big! Hooray for train tables!