Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some pics

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment.

M trying to steal D's binky.

My new-found friend, B, and her son C.  We love playing with them!

C and Kj are really excited to ride the bus at Touch-a-Truck
Hangin' out in the big tire.  Kj got so dirty!
The girls playing with our frog, Kermit.  Okay, he's not really ours, he lives outside the house, but we see him a lot.
Kermit close-up.  Isn't he handsome?
M playing on the kayaks at my friend's cabin.  Thanks Red for having us out!

Kj looking cute in her life jacket.
Playing on the dock.  Wow, this was a pertinent caption.

Kj really wanted a turn at the paddle.
Off to conquer the world in a borrowed canoe.


Michael Family said...

The cabin looks like a lot of fun! I love your pertinent captions.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

I made your blog!!! My boys did too!! :)

I'm glad you like playing with us. Fun pictures!!

Britney said...

Good pictures, looks like fun out on the water!! Nice and cool!