Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day #2

Yesterday I took the day nice and easy, and couldn't go to sleep very well last night as a result, I think. The natural man is funny that way; I think that I want to be lazy and indulged, but when I don't exercise my body and take care of my surroundings, I don't feel as well and I have a harder time sleeping.

I miss the girls, but while I was walking this morning (at a very slow pace), I realized that it is very nice to not have to take care of anyone else for a few days. Just me. Ahhhhh.


Tawny Crane said...

Enjoy! I do love the little breaks to help you remember how much you love your kiddos.

amanda j said...

Oh, how very true! Sometimes we need a break, but it's funny that the Lord won't let us get away from things for long. ;D

Yes had a kid-free quickie to Seattle with the Melissas, and my incredibly awesome husband not only didn't complain but suggested I do something like that more often to rest my spirit and give him more of a chance to be the full-time parent. Who MARRIES someone like that!? I mean, honestly! :D Nice to occasionally check up with you via blogs!