Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To the coast again!

Looking at the seals and sea lions

At the aquarium with the Veggie Bunch

Sea otter lunch time

In the shark tunnel.  This part of the aquarium is so cool!

Kate Bug eating the sand

I totally look like my mom from behind.  I think I must walk or carry myself the way she does.

Can you find the two cousins?

Appearances are deceiving.  We could not get the kite to fly for more than 3 seconds.

Future model

We went to the coast again this past weekend for a good time at the aquarium and beach. Kj was especially excited to go because we bought her another otter toy. The first otter was lost about two years ago, and she's talked about him off and on since then. I informed Kj at the beginning of the week that we'd be going to the aquarium and you'd better believe that's all she talked about for the entire week. She also packed her backpack on Monday with the toys that she wanted to bring in the car for the ride up. Note to self: don't mention really fun outings until the day before, or maybe morning of planned expedition.

The day was beautiful, and even better, my sister and her kids came along too! Have you ever seen Japanese spider crabs? They're ENORMOUS, and the ones we saw were not full grown. The otters were the most fun to see, and we had lucky timing: we got to see otter lunch time. Otters are so cute! They're extremely endangered because their pelts were so sought after. They do not have blubber like seals and sea lions. Their hair is very, very concentrated for warmth, which also makes it desirable for people who like to wear animals or use their fur, pelts, and the like.

Oh, S is waking up. Gotta go!


amydear said...

Thanks for letting us crash your outing. It was a great day. I'm glad we went to the beach. Cute blog background too!

Michael Family said...

Fun! M has long hair! Anne's is still babyish. Fun pictures!

Tawny Crane said...

Now I wanna go to the coast.

Travis & Joann said...

I've been there many times. The kids love that place. Last time we went Jordan screamed the whole time but hey, we payed for it so we were going to see everything!