Sunday, February 16, 2014

Well, hi!

Long time, no post.  There are two posts below this one updating you on our life.  Moo turned 5 at the end of January and Little Man went to the hospital again.  Don't worry, everything is fine.  I am so grateful for our good health.  It is one of our greatest blessings.

Sad story: HH is the best daddy ever and was going to take the three oldest kids to Spokane this weekend, but just outside of Portland, he learned that I-84 was closed.  It was too late for detours, as they didn't get on the road until the afternoon.  I was so looking forward to an almost kid-free weekend.  My house was a disaster; I hadn't cleaned all week, and I had a long list of things I was going to do that never get done because I'm too busy just trying to stay afloat.  About an hour after they got on the road, he called to inform me that they were on their way back home.  I cried.  But I got over it after 2-3 hours.  My tentative plan is to take the kids to grandparent land over spring break while HH stays home and paints the bathrooms and kitchen.  We desperately need some color in our house, but especially those rooms with white walls and white cabinetry.  The floors used to be white too, but thankfully they've been replaced.

Do you care?  Probably not.  I didn't know that I rambled when I typed until just now.  Thanks for sharing this moment with me.

Have I told you that I chopped off all my hair?  I did!  Do I have a picture for you?  Not yet.  See posts below for how I am bad at taking pictures.  I had been wanting to chop it for 2-3 months.  I know myself well enough now to know that I need to hold off when I get the urge to chop my hair, to see if it will go away.  It didn't, and so I chopped it, and I enjoy the short hair.  People always ask me the same things:
1) Were you shocked?  No.
2) Have you done this before?  Yes.  Apparently I do this about every 7-8 years.
3) Do I like it?  Yes.

And a quick update on my adorable baby.  Man, I think I have cute kids!  I don't know how they are so good looking because I don't think that Jonas and I are as cute as they are, but I'm glad that they are cute so I can enjoy looking at them!  Someone at church told me that our baby is their favorite baby in the ward.  That is one of my favorite compliments.  I love having the cutest baby because I'm prideful like that.

Along with being cute, our baby is CHUNKY!!!  She is eight months old and wearing 12 month clothes, weighing in at a nice, healthy 20 lbs.  It's always been my observation that fat babies are happier than skinny babies, and this theory holds true for my baby.  I wish it weren't considered obscene to post baby bum pics.  HH never ceases to be amazed at the size of her dimpled bottom and sweet thighs.  They are delightful, truly.  I don't like carrying around all that weight, but if I need to for long periods of time, she is happy to be in the carrier.  She's trying to crawl, but not quite there yet. She has not yet learned how to harness the power of her chub.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the other couple of posts as well.  Happy President's Day!


Alicia said...

Wow! That is a chubby baby! You are right though, chubby babies are the happiest in my observations too. Plus, they're cutter. Sorry about the mused weekend trip. I would have cried too. Moms need alone time too.better luck next time.

amydear said...

What? No photo of the chopped hair? Post immediately! Sorry your weekend plans were thwarted. That's the worst.

Kelly(M&M) said...

I do love your chopped hair! I think you look great and have the perfect pixie face for short hair. I have tried it and it just doesn't work on me. I was bummed for you about your weekend. I love reading your blog and getting more glimpses inside your brain. You make me laugh and I am glad I met you through Amy! I am also glad you moved to Sherwood- now just get Amy to come!